Vapor Trails "Remastered"


 The process created to remove the digital distortion/clipping or "crackle" (adversely affected the louder sections of VT) is summarized below.  

  1. Convert to 32-bit

  2. Run Cool Edit Pro 'Clip Restoration ' ('Restore Normal' preset) except with a -2.6dB setting.

  3. Run ( ) with the following settings: -1.3 dB Threshold, 0 dB Out Ceiling, ARC Enable 16-bit, Dither = Type1, Shaping = Ultra)

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3

  5. Convert to 16-bit and Save

- - - 

** The excerpts above were 'cleaned up' with a process developed by Xanadar Nuitari and me (MitA). 

Secret Touch ('remastered' version) (.wav format - excerpt only)
Secret Touch (original version)  (.wav format - excerpt only)


The VT "remaster" history and process

The four sections below are a transcript from "The Rush Chronicles" messageboard . 
Sincere thanks to TRC webmaster "Ziegler" for his permission and assistance in transcribing this important discussion.

- - -

I. - VT-crackle-reduction-concept-and-idea

II. - the-vt-crackle-reduction-project-perfecting-the-formula

III. - initial-reaction

IV. - afterthoughts-questions-and-comments